Why are the hubs of buses and vans convex and concave?

    Are the front and rear wheels of the truck different?Actually not, front and rear wheels are identical, but installation direction is different.The wheels facing outward are single tires, and the wheels facing inward are double tires.

    The front wheel of the truck needs to be turned, so only one tire can be used. If two tires are used, the steering resistance will be very high, and the driving stability cannot be guaranteed, including the front wheel of the four-wheel drive truck is also one tire.When using a tire, the raised side of the tire should be turned outwards, so that the inner recessed part of the tire can accommodate the parts of the axle, brake system and steering system as much as possible.So we see that the front wheels of the truck are all convex on the outside.

    While the rear wheels of trucks do not need to be turned, they are responsible for driving the vehicle and carrying its weight.If you want to put two tires next to each other, you have to stick the raised side of the tires together.So the truck that we’re looking at has two tires on the back that have to be concave on the outside.

     As a matter of fact, it can be described in a sentence: as long as two wheels are mounted together, the concave side must face outwards, and as long as one wheel is mounted, the convex side must face outwards.For example, the front wheel of the bus in the picture above is a single tire with a bump on the side. The rear wheel has a bump on the side. The dent is the driving wheel with a double tire.And the last wheel that is raised on the outside is actually a single tire, which has two functions: to assist the body load and to assist the steering, so in order to facilitate the steering it must be a single tire, so the raised side is facing the outside.

     Bus hub front and rear are convex outwards, concave inward.The concave face is turned inwards because it allows more room for the brakes and steering system.As for why the rear wheel looks concave, it is because the front wheel is equipped with only one tire for easy steering, and the rear wheel is equipped with two tires for bearing weight. After installing two tires, the outer tire is fixed and connected with the inner tire of the car. The visual effect is concave



Post time: Oct-12-2019

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