Wheel hub maintenance

Maintenance method of wheel hub:

 1. Daily cleaning

 Dirt on wheels that has been exposed to damp air for some time can cause corrosion. Dirt on the brakes can also affect the braking system and cause corrosion spots on the surface of the wheels.So this dust and dirt should be cleaned frequently.

2, Do not use detergent

 Maintenance hub like maintenance car, many household cleaners and the market general detergent, because the alkaline or acidic, on the surface of the hub is too strong, this will make the surface of the hub chemical reaction, loss of luster, affect the appearance, so be careful to use.Wash with neutral soapy water.

3. Do not wash the wheels when they are hot

 When the hub temperature is high, should wait for it to cool after cleaning, do not use cold water to make it cool, so the hub will be damaged, even make the brake disc deformation and affect the braking effect.

4. Properly clean wheel hub

 Proper cleaning wheel hub should be used in the use of neutral soapy water cleaning at the same time with a soft cloth dry, and after cleaning on the surface of the wheel hub coated with corrosion resistant products to maintain the surface brightness.If the hub is stuck to difficult to clean asphalt, cleaning agents have no effect can be removed with a brush, but be careful not to use a hard brush, easy to damage the surface of the hub.

Note: in order not to destroy the protective layer on the surface of the wheel hub itself, do not use paint polish or other abrasive materials on the wheel hub.When the alloy protective paint is damaged, such as driving by hard things hit when there are scars, it is best to professional maintenance station as soon as possible to repair the alloy hub, re-spray paint.

 In addition to maintaining and maintaining these hubs on a regular basis, extra care should be taken during driving to prevent accidental damage to the hubs if you want to keep them looking good.




Post time: Oct-17-2019

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