Plug drinks in the hub. Why do foreign truckers do that?


  The car is very difficult to exercise in winter, because the ground is relatively slippery, but the foreign car driver unexpectedly came up with a solution, the owner said he put the drink bottle plug in the car hub above, there are many car owners see this situation are saying this method is simple and practical, how did I not think of it?

    In very cold weather, the big truck driving is taking big risks, their owners know if the weather is too cold, the car tires will brake pliers, sometimes will appear frozen together, and we are the owner of the car tire lock phenomenon will occur and thus unable to run normally, if the car skid, they can’t control the direction of the car owners, it is possible to hit a vehicle or other people, if the owner on the car’s wheel is installed on a few bottles, that can be accurately observed in the rearview mirror, if the tyres appear lock phenomenon, can be processed as soon as possible.

    Because of freight car is long in turn, the owners driving vehicle when comparing a winding mountain path, the owner in the rearview mirror is not observed in the rear wheel of a car in time, but when we are the owner of the car wheel hub on the car a few bottles, that is not the case, the owner can extend the distance we watch, so the owner can judge the rear wheels of the car probably in what position, make the owner on the sharp turn or bend in the road is more safe and reliable.


Post time: Oct-12-2019

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