Car hub size, the bigger the better or the smaller the better?

Generally speaking, for the same model, the wheel arch space has been fixed, if the size of the hub is larger, then the corresponding matching tire flat rate will be lower.


The lower the flat rate of the tire, the lower the slip Angle due to the deformation of the tire belly when the vehicle turns, the higher the accuracy of the vehicle pointing, the faster the response, and the more abundant the information conveyed to the driver from the road surface, the more direct the sense of control.


The larger the hub size, the larger the diameter of the disc and callipers, and the stronger the brakes.


However, the larger the size of the hub, there will naturally be increased weight, reduced acceleration, increased fuel consumption, suspension response is slow and affect the ride comfort and other disadvantages.


Hub size has two parameters: tire ring diameter and tire ring width.The representation is 15×6.5;15 x6. 5 jj;15 x6. 5 j;1565 and so on, there is no hard and fast regulation on format.The “15″ in the front indicates the diameter of the ring, and the “6.5″(or 6.5j, 6.5jj, 65) in the back indicates the width of the ring, and the “6.5″ in the back indicates the width of the ring.Hub dimensions are usually found on the lettering on the back of the hub.

Post time: Oct-17-2019

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